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The Associated Press

News automation editor

  • Identify and evaluate opportunities to automate the creation and production of news content.
  • Develop applications and libraries to implement new automation processes, such as:
    • Alerts for reporters about new developments in health care and political campaigns.
    • Systems to generate graphics for print customers about sports, entertainment, politics and finance.
    • Infrastructure to support data-driven interactive graphics and editorial tools.
  • Determine other editors’ and reporters’ needs and priorities related to editorial workflows.
  • Act as liaison between editorial and technical stakeholders.

The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Chronicle of Philanthropy

News interactives producer

  • Developed interactive news features, such as:
    • A game displaying applicant data from a faculty hiring process
    • An in-depth exploration of Census data to show how the demographics of America’s children—its future college students—differ by age
  • Developed internal tools to help reporters, editors and other staff members work more quickly and efficiently, such as:
    • Scrapers for biographies of members of Congress, lists of grants and their amounts, and state alcohol licenses
    • An ingest system for millions of nonprofit organizations’ tax returns from Internal Revenue Service DVD sets
    • A similarity engine that finds clusters of like universities
  • Gathered, processed and interpreted data from agencies, private organizations and Chronicle reporting for reporters and readers, including for the Almanac of Higher Education.

PBS NewsHour

News developer

  • Developed interactive Web and mobile news applications and information graphics, such as:
    • An embeddable widget to track daily high temperature records
    • A set of graphics to illustrate projections about the 2011 federal debt ceiling debate
    • An interactive map with past and present housing price data
  • Developed mapping application with detailed demographic and political data for the 2012 presidential election cycle.


University of Missouri

Received two undergraduate degrees:

  • Bachelor of science (cum laude) in electrical engineering, minor in mathematics
  • Bachelor of journalism, emphasis in print and digital news, concentration in newspaper editing and design


Frequent instructor and presenter at conferences around the world. See the full list.


Backend and data analysis

Languages: Ruby, Python, Node.js, R, SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Django, Sinatra, Flask


Frontend and design

Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SVG

Frameworks and libraries: D3, Highcharts, Backbone, Underscore, jQuery, Leaflet

Desktop tools: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, TileMill


License: FAA remote pilot certificate (commercial drone pilot)

Crafts: Baking, embroidery, crochet